Virtual Reality and Hospitalized Children

Virtual Reality application to the animation activities of Red Cross Youth volunteers for hospitalized children.

Imagen Niño Gafas VR

TECSOS and Red Cross Youth are working together to incorporate the use of the Virtual Reality to the project of "Attention to Hospitalized Children and intervention at home with children affected by diseases of medium and long duration". The aim of the project is the establishment of school support and leisure time activities for children in the process of diagnosis, and / or treatment of a long-term illness, whether the treatment is performed in a hospital or in his own home. This action aims to improve the quality of life of children who may be at risk or vulnerable due to suffering from diseases of medium and long duration. It intends to support them so that the new social relations of the hospital take place in the most spontaneous and natural way possible, facilitating the process of contact with their socio-community environment of origin.

This environment is where TECSOS and Red Cross Youth is studying the incorporation of Virtual Reality as a tool to foster the creativity and imagination for the children in this difficult situation.

In addition, this initiative has been selected by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to participate in its Global Innovation Accelerator, a program where innovative ideas from around the international movement of the Red Cross are supported, formed, launched and disseminated internationally.

More information: Red Cross Youth website about the project




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