Proyecto GHOST

European Project which ensures security in the Advanced Teleassistance services provided within digital homes

Logotipo del Proyecto Ghost

TECSOS participated in the European Project GHOST along with Spanish Red Cross and other 8 entities with the aim of ensuring security in the Advanced Teleassistance services provided within digital homes.

Social Technologies Foundation participated in GHOST Project during the last 3 years collaborating with European entities coming from different areas such as research, industry and social organizations.

During this period, 3 pilot test have been developed (in Spain, Norway and Romania), with potential users who will test smart home solutions fitted with improved security and data privacy features.

The work of TECSOS, together with Spanish Red Cross, was both the detection of user needs and definition of user requirements, and also the launch of the Spanish pilot test covering 2 of the 4 use cases of the project. This pilot has been deployed from June 2018 with the participation of 50 real users and 50 indirect beneficiaries in the region of Galicia.

Participants have been, on the one hand, older people over 65 years old who live in their own homes and require advanced teleassistance services; and on the other hand, adult people from 40 to 64 years old who are at physical risk and could take advantage of the health monitorization.

GHOST Project aimed to address the challenge of the security within the smart homes and connected homes, which are more and more present in the current society thanks to technologies such as Internet of Things (iot). The main objective is to develop an usable and friendly application which looks after the security and the privacy of the data involved in digital homes technological systems.

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  • Representative diagram of GHOST solution
  • GHOST pilot sites and participants