Missing Maps

Cooperative geolocation for humanitarian purposes

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Missing Maps, is a humanitarian project that is dedicated to creating detailed maps of parts of the world that are vulnerable to natural disasters, armed conflicts and epidemic diseases.

Some of the most vulnerable sites in the world are in urban or rural areas with limited resources and are generally not well mapped. The purpose of Missing Maps is to map these vulnerable areas before a disaster or crisis occurs, to reduce risks and help accelerate recovery. Having better maps before a crisis helps emergency response teams, support groups and the communities themselves. The project has three steps:

  • First, the volunteers trace satellite images in OpenStreetMap, adding information such as roads, buildings, rivers and others. Mapathones are usually organized, mapping meetings to carry out this activity.
  • In the second step, NGOs work with groups of local people living in these communities, to confirm the truthfulness and add details to the map, for example, the type of building, names used locally, etc ...
  • Finally, humanitarian organizations and groups use the newly created map information to plan risk reduction projects and improve the standard of living in those communities.

The TECSOS Foundation, together with the Spanish Red Cross and the Vodafone Foundation Spain, join this initiative to favor the first step, through the organization of the activity of Mapathones.

During this year, several events open to the public will be organized, where vulnerable areas will be mapped to put those places and people on the map, working with volunteers around the world.