Housing Care Project

Reframing skills for senior carers through the use of technology.

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For both formal and informal caregivers, this initiative aims to empower them to be able to make decisions and apply theknowledge of technology acquired in training in the areas that suit them best.

TECSOS participates in the Housing Care project together with 6 other European entities, cofunded by the erasmus+ programme of the european union.


European reports in recent years related to the care of the elderly and people in situations of dependency have clearly highlighted a major problem in these areas. The situation of carers is not sustainable if the same model is maintained in the future, there are no jobs to fill and there are fewer and fewer people available, there is little knowledge about technology, carers often carry out their jobs under job insecurity situations, among other indicators.

One of the keys that were detected that could improve the situation is that technology formation courses may lead to a point where caregivers are well trained in the use of technologies and can also rely on them in their day-to-day work to improve their job position, improve their mental and physical health and also better help the people they care for.

This is where the Housing Care project comes into play, hand in hand with the consortium of 6 European entities and the TECSOS Foundation as experts in social technology. 

The project began in January 2022 and will run until December 2023.
At the end of April 2022, representatives of all the entities involved in the Housing Care project met in Aarhus, Denmark to review the milestones achieved so far and work on the increasingly specific details of the materials and structure of the training on -line.
The next steps will be carried out online together with the other project partners until the next face-to-face meeting, which is expected in October 2022, Ireland.


Public petition for the HOUSING CARE PROJECT translation tasks 

TECSOS Foundation opens a process to search for companies to carry out English-Spanish text translation tasks within the framework of the HOUSING CARE PROJECT (USING REframed Skills in Senior HOusing CAre) 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000032949.

This process is identical to the one published by Fundación Ageing lab at the following link:, since both partners have the same burden, needs and budget in terms of the translation of the texts that this european project requires.


The budget allocated to the translation is 2500€ by TECSOS, in the same way, in its publication Ageing lab establishes the same terms.

In total, the budget for the joint translation is 5000€.

The deadlines for this selection process begin on 22nd December 2022 and ends on the 20th January 2023 EOB.


The companies that want to apply to this process must notify it with a message to within the specified period.

To apply to the Aging lab search, follow the instructions of the following link:


When the term ends, a response will be sent to the selected company to the same email address that sent the offer.