Accessible Mobile Telecare

TECSOS has participated in the innovation process of the first accessible mobile telecare application for deafblind people

Equipo de Teleasistencia Móvil Accesible

The development of the Universal Accessible Mobile Telecare project seeks to guarantee in an inclusive and universal manner, through technological advances, accessibility for all people to Telecare services, promoting the implementation of standards and certifications in the field of accessibility. Currently, the Spanish Red Cross has a mobile telecare application that, installed on a conventional Smartphone, complies with the Universal Accessibility criteria.

The role of the TECSOS Foundation in this project has been to identify and test the main functionalities for its operation:

  • Notifications: acoustic, luminous, graphic and vibration (customizable).
  • Activation of the alarm by means of a physical button (side button of easy access).
  • Suitable buttons in size, contrast and colour scheme.
  • Simplified and customizable menu design.
  • Communication text module for deaf people.

The last great challenge in relation to advances in accessibility to which a response has been given is to adapt to the needs of deafblind people. To implement it, the alliance established with FASOCIDE (Federation of Associations of Deafblind People) has been essential, an entity that has shared its knowledge regarding this group of people with disabilities. During the last three years, we have worked with people from this organization to collect the variety of the group: men and women, deafblind from birth or with remaining vision or hearing, from rural and metropolitan areas, with other types of added pathologies and who live alone or accompanied. Study of the group, led by the TECSOS Foundation, has been carried out through the eyes of more than 20 years of experience in home and mobile telecare. Currently, as a result of this study, a technological solution has been implemented that is in the pilot phase during 2022 with the aim of defining the complete service, as well as the care protocols.



  • Mostrador de TAM Accesible
  • Usuario probando soluciones tecnológicas de comunicación.
  • Usuario probando soluciones tecnológicas de comunicación.