Accessible Mobile Telecare

TECSOS participates in the innovation process of the first mobile telecare application certified as universally accessible

Equipo de Teleasistencia Móvil Accesible

The development of the Universal Accessible Mobile Telecare project seeks to guarantee in an inclusive and universal way, through technological advances, the accessibility of telecare service to all people, promoting the implementation of standards and certifications in the area of accessibility. At present, Spanish Red Cross has a mobile telecare application that, installed in a conventional Smartphone, meets the Universal Accessibility criteria.

  • Notifications: acoustic, luminous, graphic and vibration (customizable).
  • Activation of the alarm by means of a physical button (side button of easy access).
  • Suitable buttons in size, contrast and colour scheme.
  • Simplified and customizable menu design.
  • Communication text module for deaf people.




  • Mostrador de TAM Accesible