RV.Ommm: Relaxation through Virtual Reality

Logotipo del Proyecto RV.OMMM

"RV.Ommm: Relaxation through Virtual Reality" aims to facilitate a state of mental well-being through the use of virtual reality glasses for people with disabilities. TECSOS Foundation carry out this project with APAM (, Association of Parents of Disabled Students, and ASPAYM (, Association of Paraplegics and People with Great Physical Disability of the Community of Madrid.

RV.Ommm, aims to relax the organism and reduce mental and muscular stress. As a final goal, it is intended to achieve optimal performance of the activities they face daily, trying to avoid these negative feelings and facing the problems from another point of view.

Virtual Reality is a very useful tool that is being introduced in health care to address different issues (pain, anxiety, phobias, etc.). This technology particularly offers the user virtual environments where he is not simply an external observer and passive , but it becomes an active participant in a virtual world. Unlike other methods of relaxation, the virtual environment facilitates the user with disabilities scenarios where barriers do not exist. It offers the opportunity to explore alternative universes through landscapes and varied environments without having to imagine them, which makes it more accessible to any user, whatever their disability.

For the development of the project, glasses and smartphones with adapted contents are used through the platform of the company PSIOUS (

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