Tecsos participates in the Be TalentSTEAM initiative

It is a collaborative platform to promote educational transformation led by the Altran Foundation for Innovation and the Management Excellence Club.

An open collaboration platform that aims to promote the transformation of the educational model, responding to the new reality, in continuous transformation and at a dizzying pace. This is how BeTalentSTEAM is presented, an initiative, in which the Social Technologies Foundation - TECSOS, Red Cross Youth and the Vodafone Spain Foundation participate as collaborators among other entities, which seeks to provide solutions to many of the challenges faced by all those who they consider education the backbone for a more committed, supportive and equitable, more innovative and competitive society.

The Altran Foundation for Innovation and the Excellence in Management Club have presented this platform, which is also being developed by a Collaborative Network of Stakeholders from the education sector. This open, strategic and knowledge-generating network collaborates to promote and develop projects and careers in technological education with high added value, which translates into a more competitive Spain with greater talent, reducing social gaps.

BeTalentSTEAM will promote talent, creativity and innovation, sustainable technological education and the concept of "sustainable innovation", promoting STEAM training as educational levers for future professional development, which will allow young people to be employable in the near future.

The presentation of the platform, held at the Red Cross headquarters in Madrid yesterday, October 17, was attended by Alberto Durán, President of the Club Excelencia en Gestión and Ilunion, José Ramón Magarzo, CEO of Altran Spain, and Óscar Codón, Director of the Altran Foundation for Innovation. Both organizations have publicized the initiative, and have presented the SIM (Social Innovation Maker) Contest, the first BeTalentSTEAM pilot project.

SIM is a Socially Innovative Ideas Competition, aimed at students of 1st and 2nd year of ESO, from public and private schools, who will work "twinned", to respond to the social challenges linked to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. This contest will highlight the importance of teamwork, multidisciplinary, in very different environments and with the common social challenge of how to make a better and fairer society.

Students from public and private schools will work together in the same team, to respond in an innovative way to the social challenges posed. With the collaboration of the network of partners, the teachers will manage up to 12 dynamic, interactive and very operational workshops with which to manage new models of collaboration between students from different schools, with common social challenges and with innovation and new technologies as key tools. . Thus, pills and work dynamics will be carried out around Design Thinking, the use of the Internet and mathematics in our day to day, robotics, and youtuber.

At the end of this year, the winners of the Contest will be announced during a day of innovation and technology, in which the ten finalist teams will have the opportunity to defend their ideas before a jury made up of the managers of the Stakeholders network.

During the presentation, both the Altran Foundation for Innovation, the Management Excellence Club and the entire Stakeholders Network have issued a clear message; “Through Innovation and Excellence in management we will achieve a better society”.

An important network of stakeholders

The development of Be TalentSTEAM is marked by the participation of an important Network of Stakeholders that integrates all interest groups: public, private and subsidized schools; public and private universities, professional training centers; associations and institutions, business world, central, regional and local administration, the third sector and the family environment.

Currently, the Network is already made up of 24 partners. Together with the Excellence in Management Club and the Altran Foundation for Innovation, there are:
– 9 public and private schools: Eurocolegio CASVI, IES “Velázquez de Móstoles”, the Educational Institution SEK, the IES “El Burgo de Las Rozas”; the San Patricio School, the IES “Ángel Corella” in Colmenar Viejo; the “Ramón y Cajal” School, the IES “San Juan Bautista; and the Base College.
– 2 universities: the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the “Camilo José Cela” University.
– 4 social entities: the Spanish Red Cross through the Youth Red Cross, ILUNIÓN, the “TECSOS” Social Technologies Foundation and the Vodafone Spain Foundation;
– 5 companies: OTIS, Metro de Madrid, XEROX, CASER and ALTRAN.
– 2 public institutions: the Community of Madrid through its Ministry of Education and Innovation and the Alcobendas City Council.

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