Mission and values


TECSOS will face social needs and responses through technological innovation through Information and Communication Technologies in a responsible manner, contributing to the improvement of people's skills, paying special attention to the most vulnerable.


The society recognizes TECSOS for generating real and sustainable impacts, responding to social challenges and those of the most vulnerable people with innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions.


Closeness and collaboration

Reaching the most vulnerable people, nourishing ourselves from the exchange with the environment and promoting collaborative and networking work, involving the different interest groups with constant and normalized communication that allows opportunities to be identified.

Applied and sustainable innovation

Anticipating and discovering new technological solutions that, implemented as new simple and usable products, services or procedures, respond to the real needs of the most vulnerable groups, through a universal design capable of lasting and evolving over time.

ethical creation

Placing ethics as the axis between the creation of products and solutions and people.


To be a benchmark in the area of ​​ICTs with the capacity to influence and generate trends in the development of ICT solutions adapted to the most vulnerable people.